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Hi! I'm Shelly Delores Thomas! I'm so happy to make your acquaintance! It's so wonderful to be in love with love everyday. The love I've been blessed with illuminates from within my soul everyday! I'm so happy! I wish the same for You! Thank-You Father Jehovah and Thank-You Jesus my father's son for being the Ransom so that we may have a chance at Everlasting Life On A Paradise Earth...one day soon! Hallelujah!
Blessings...May I share with you some of the blessings my Father has given me?! The City of Hopkins Minnesota 2011 Photo Contest: Photo Winter Wonderland in the Nature category and Aztec Sundance Performers in the Arts & Entertainment category. The City of Hopkins Minnesota 2008 Photo Contest: Photo Visuals of Downtown Hopkins in the Business category. The Resolution of The City of Minneapolis: Election Judge, December 18, 2009-November 3, 2009. Election Judge: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010. (No Longer A Participant) The Science Museum of Minnesota: Publicist Volunteer for "The Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibition, brochures ," March 12, 2010-October 24, 2010. Scholarship Award "The Carol E. MacPherson Memorial Scholarship Fund, $2,500.00 Award August 11, 2003. City of Hopkins: Public Library Book Sale, Volunteer July 14, 2007, Donna P. Johnson President General College, University of Minnesota Dean's List "Equity In Educational Excellence III, May 15, 1997 Dean David Taylor, Certificate.  John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center: Certificate October 20, 1990,  Minnesota State Board Of Vocational-Technical Education: Certificate, Nurse Assistant August 30, 1989 Central Virginia Opportunities Industrialization Center: Nursing Assistant Program, Certificate April 10, 1986 State Of Minnesota Department Of Education; Secondary School Equivalency Certificate: High School Diploma, Linda Powell. Graduated June 7, 1994. Shape Up With Shape News, South Hennepin Adult Programs in Education: October 1992-June 1994, Student Writer. Some of My Published Articles: "To Feed The Mind...Education!" 1992 "Mathematics...Still At It." 1993 "Golden Champagne Dreams." 1993 "A Project In The Making." 1993 "Relationships of Commitment." 1994 Wedding Photographer: Angela M. Alfuth & Wesley R. Merrit, Saturday August 31, 2002. White Bear Unitarian Univeralist Church, Mahtomedi Minnesota Marshall Field's Downtown Minneapolis: Professional Selling Award, Exceeding Applications & Credit Awards Bloomingdale's, Between US b's: Special Holiday Edition Volume 6 No 11, Mall of America, November-December 1998 100 Percent Club Awards JC Penney Awards: Southdale Mall, Edina Minnesota, The Penney Principle January 17, 2003-October 25, 2002: Credit Applications and Credit Awards, Customer Service, Catalog Contest.  City of Minnesota, College Of Liberal Arts: B.A. Degree of The Arts, Studied Journalism. Graduated May 15, 2005, Les J. Opatz, Coordinator-Adviser Current Activities: Spreading The Message About Jehovah's Kingdom & Love, Photography, Choreography And Oil Painting. Thank-You For Your Interest, May You Be Blessed In The Glory Of God's Love, Ms. Shelly D. Thomas
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