All-Black HS Produced Notable Grads

Frankie Shepherd, the former principal of Ralph Bunche Center, recently shared the school's history with students. Share your stories in the comment box below.

Editor's note: Donna Adams, principal of  and Preschool Centers, shared this summary of Frankie Shepherd's visit with Canton-Sixes Patch.

Donna Adams, principal of  and  Preschool Centers, invited former principal Frankie Shepherd to share the important history of Ralph Bunche School. Students learned that the school began as a wooden building and served first through 12th grade students in the African American community. It was first given the name of Hickory Log School, but the senior class of 1961 renamed the school after the United States Ambassador Ralph Bunche. Bunche worked to bring the people of all nations together. Today the school not only serves African American children, but children of all ethnicities through the federal Head Start Program, Georgia Pre-Kindergarten Program and the Cherokee County District’s Preschool Special Needs Program.


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