There Are Some Things Schools Can't Live Without

Gov. Nathan Deal has proposed cuts to school transportation and nurses.

Dear Editor:

Budget cuts are a necessary evil in today’s economy. While the state and local PTA recognize this reality, there are certain cuts to education that should be made only as a very last resort. One of these areas is in the funding of school nurses. At alone, approximately 650 visits are made to the school nurse each month. The benefits of the school nurse include, but are not limited to, removing a sick child from the classroom, providing immediate care for sprains, cuts or other injuries and administering medicine. If a school nurse is not in the building, how will these issues be addressed? Will teachers be expected to give a child medication or find an ice bag? We encourage parents and caregivers to contact your state elected officials and urge them to preserve funding for school nurses in each school.

Melissa B. Holder, Macedonia Elementary School PTA Legislative Chairman

Mitchell Easter March 09, 2011 at 04:41 PM
Being a school nurse would be great training for the seniors in the high school pre-med/nursing courses. As nurse interns, the student would be in contact with the county health department. For serious injuries and illnesses, they would call 911.


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