Cherokee School District Launches 'Accolades'

The quarterly newsletter will keep the public abreast of the success of school district students and employees.

The Cherokee County School District has launched a quarterly newsletter that will highlight the successes of its students and employees.

Accolades will be published on a quarterly basis and will feature month-by-month recognitions, achievements and recent announcements happening within the district's classrooms.

The December 2012 edition can be view here.

The district launched Accolades as "another form of public recognition for our outstanding students and employees, as we believe it’s important for parents and the entire community to know about the successes happening in our schools." 

The newsletter is also "valuable" to communicate the district's highlights to those who may not regularly attend school board meetings or monitor news and social media outlets.

The district also noted the newsletter could be a very important tool in which economic developers and others can use to sell Cherokee County to prospective buyers or investors.

"We hope that everyone in the community by reading Accolades will gain a greater sense of appreciation for our schools and our employees, who all work so hard to make sure all children succeed," the district said in a statement. "There are some in our country, and sadly even in our community, who don’t value these heroes and who don’t give them proper credit for all that they do."


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