Cherokee SAT Scores Surpass State, Nation

Cherokee and Creekview were neck and neck in the averaged test scores.

The class of 2012 taking the SAT garnered the Cherokee County School District the highest scores in its history.

The district on Monday released its SAT scores for the 2011-12 school year and students performed better on the exam than their state and national peers.

All five district schools that had a senior class also saw gains over the previous school year's scores.

The district's average was 1,547, higher than the state's average of 1,452 and the national average of 1,498. Scores included 2012 graduates of five of the county's six traditional high schools. River Ridge High School did not have a senior class during the 2011-12 school year.

Total averages for each of the district's schools are: 

Cherokee High School 

  • Total average: 1,597
  • Critical reading: 542
  • Math: 536
  • Writing: 519

Creekview High School

  • Total average: 1,593
  • Critical reading: 530
  • Math: 537
  • Writing: 526

Etowah High School

  • Total average: 1,615
  • Critical reading: 542
  • Math: 547
  • Writing: 526

Sequoyah High School

  • Total average: 1,570
  • Critical reading: 527
  • Math: 530
  • Writing: 513

Woodstock High School

  • Total average: 1,576
  • Critical reading: 527
  • Math: 533
  • Writing: 516

"The status quo in the Cherokee County School District is continuous improvement and outstanding academic achievement, and these stellar SAT results are clear evidence that we remain on the right track for ensuring every student reaches his or her potential in our schools and in higher education," Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Petruzielo said in a statement. "These scores are a testament to the diligence and dedication of our students, teachers and administrators and the strong support from our school board, parents and the community at large for our schools, our expanding academic options and our goal of college and career readiness success for every student."

See the attached press release for more details on the district's scores, including a breakdown of how the district and each school have performed over the last three years and a comparison of how many students were tested.


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