Bill For Marlow's Ethics Case Exceeds $10,000

The Cherokee County School Board was told the cost could rise again as Marlow plans to appeal her ethics ruling to the Superior Court.

Credit: Patch file
Credit: Patch file
While Cherokee County School Board member Kelly Marlow has agreed to work out a plan to pay her $3,600 ethics fine, the board will soon have to contend with a much larger bill in relation to the case.

The cost the board has incurred to prepare for the initial ethics hearing in October and Marlow's appeal to the State Board of Education has already exceeded $10,000, said School Board Attorney Tom Roach. 

Roach, who broke the news during the board's meeting on Thursday, said he was able to keep his fees in relation to the initial hearing — including fees for a court reporter and hearing officer to preside over the hearing — under $5,000.

However, Marlow's decision to appeal the case forced Roach to spend a considerable amount of time preparing for the case. 

"Unfortunately, Ms. Marlow shotgunned her approach and appealed to the State Board of Education, which required a tremendous amount of research and tremendous amount of legal reasoning to convince the board that our position was correct," Roach said. "It's easy to make an allegation, (but) it's difficult to then find the law that supports the defense of that allegation." 

Roach said the board will have to pay the cost, which he said could increase since Marlow has indicated she plans to appeal the state's decision to the Cherokee County Superior Court. 

For the ethics fine, Marlow will have to work with Roach to come up with a payment plan to address the $3,600. If no plan is agreed upon by the May 1 board meeting, School Board Chair Janet Read will ask the board to direct Roach to take action to collect the money. 

The fine was imposed upon Marlow after the board in October confirmed she violated board policy when she unilaterally asked AdvancED to investigate her colleagues.

The collection of the fine had been delayed as Marlow appealed her decision to the State Board of Education, which upheld the decision by the local school board.
David R April 20, 2014 at 11:16 AM
BTW, Cherokee County citizens BE AWARE that two of Marlow's sycophants are trying to infiltrate our school board via the May elections. Susie Tlacil and Erica Williams are straight from the same political camp as Marlow. One has even utilized her boyfriend/advisor Robert Trim for her political campaign. Yes, the same Robert Trim that is standing trial with Marlow on felony charges of lying to police. KEEP THESE PEOPLE OFF OF OUR SCHOOL BOARD! VOTE ON MAY 20th!!
Christina van Koppen April 20, 2014 at 02:44 PM
It irks the heck out of me that Chip Rodgers and his crew have cheated me out of my votes! I live in post 1 so unfortunately I am stuck with that joke of a politico wannabe. But shouldn't I have a say in the other seats just as well? Why are we only getting 1/6 representation on our BOE? Because ol Chippy had and ax to grind and some private charter school stuffing his pockets? We need to get the good guys voted back in to represent us and not some hidden agendas!! If I could, I would vote for Steiner, Chapman, Harmon, & Menard. Hopefully our justice system will take marlow out of the equation and perhaps the candidate that only lost by 20 some votes can step into the seat she should have occupied all along. Just my 2 cents, Marlow must GO!
Joshua Markham April 20, 2014 at 05:03 PM
Thank you, Kelly Marlow for waking us up to the importance of local elections. Now I know to check for any ties to Robert Trim and the local firings political groups for all candidates before voting. If it were not for Marlow I would still be asleep at the wheel. Never again.
Randytx April 20, 2014 at 05:08 PM
Robert Trim seems like a real work of art also- now representing other stooges for the school board ? Time to canvass your neighborhood and expose both of them prior to the elections.
Susan L. April 20, 2014 at 06:00 PM
Ms. Marlow has stolen $10,000 of taxpayer money from the children of Cherokee County, and she has given nothing back in return. It is time for her to go! Hopeful that the legal system will take care of that, but her resignation would be another acceptable option.


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