Foreclosures Dip Slightly In October

The year-to-date number still lags behind the 2011 figure.

The number of properties advertised in the county's legal organ to be sold on the courthouse steps took a slight tumble this month.

According to the Cherokee Tribune, 341 properties were advertised to be sold on the courthouse steps on Nov. 6. That's down slightly from 345 advertised in September and 368 in October 2011. 

Properties have to be advertised four consecutive Fridays before being sold on the first Tuesday of the month at the Cherokee County Justice Center in Canton. However, not all properties advertised are sold on the courthouse steps.

This year's figure still is down considerably, with 3,240 properties advertised by this year, compared to 3,615 advertised by this point in 2011.

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That news comes on the heels of Georgia being ranked No. 6 in foreclosure rates during the month of September. However, the state did have good news as the foreclosure activity declined by 20 percent during the third quarter.

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