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Beach Leads Senate Race, House Race Goes into Run-Off

In unofficial results, Brandon Beach leads former State Rep. Sean Jerguson in the State Senate race while the State House race heads to a run-off.

With all precincts reporting in Cherokee and Fulton counties, it appears Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Brandon Beach leads former State Rep. Sean Jerguson in the Georgia Senate District 21 special election.

However, the Georgia House District 21 race will head to a Feb. 5 run-off. 

Beach appears to have defeated Jerguson with 58 percent, or 5,470 votes, compared to Jerguson's 42 percent, or 4,031 votes. 

Just in Cherokee, Beach received 51.75 percent, or 3,925, over Jerguson's 48.25 percent, or 3,660. Beach's lead in Fulton County was more evident as he received 81 percent, or 1,545, over Jerguson's 19 percent, or 371 votes.

While all the votes in the House District 21 race has been counted, neither of the four candidates received the 50 percent plus one majority needed to avoid a run-off. 

Scot Turner currently leads the pack with 1,496 votes, or 46.39 percent of the vote while Brian Laurens is in second place with 971 votes, or 30.11 percent.

Democrat Natalie Bergeron earned 21.43 percent, or 691 votes, while Republican Kenneth Mimbs received 2 percent, or 67 votes.

Both Laurens and Turner will face off in the run-off election slated for Feb. 5.  

Update at 5:30 p.m.: Election workers at polling places inside Hopewell Middle School and Cogburn Woods Elementary School in Milton said voter turnout was very light. Only 82 of 2,237 registered voters had come to the poll today at Hopewell by 5 p.m. More voters showed up by 5 p.m. at Cogburn Woods – 98 – but this precinct has 3,967 registered voters recorded.

Update at 4:15 p.m.: Janet Munda, supervisor of Elections and Registration for Cherokee County, said voting today has been "pretty slow." She said some polling places had as many as 250 voters so far. She doesn't think advance voting has made much difference because those who are going to vote will always get out and vote.

Update at 12:56 p.m.: Sherry Rakestraw, poll manager for the Deer Run precinct at Towne Lake Community Church, said only 52 voters have cast ballots so far in today's special election.

Only one person showed up at the polling place, but had to be turned away since he didn't live in the district, she added. 

Rakestraw said voting today has been "very slow," despite the intensity of the Senate District 21 campaign.  

"I don't know why so many aren't voting," she said. 

Update at 10:57 a.m.: poll workers at the Little River precinct say out of 25 people who showed up to vote this morning, 15 had to be turned away as they didn't live in Senate District 21. 

Polls are open today from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in parts of Cherokee County, Alpharetta and Milton for voters to choose the next person to be sworn into the Georgia House District 21 and Georgia Senate District 21 seats.

Voters in the state Senate District 21, which includes the eastern half of Cherokee County, Milton and part of Alpharetta, will choose between former State Rep. Sean Jerguson of Holly Springs and Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Brandon Beach of Alpharetta. 

Voters in House District 21, which includes parts of Holly Springs, Canton and southeast Cherokee County, will choose between Republicans Scot Turner, Brian Laurens, Kenneth Mimbs and Democrat Natalie Bergeron.

A run-off election for the House race, if needed, has been scheduled for Feb. 5. 

Stan January 10, 2013 at 06:47 AM
Gee I'm shown up again as a worthless malingerer not worthy of an opinion. By the way what does step or shut up mean? Your post does't seem to make much sense. How does spending large amounts on unnecessary elections accomplish less taxes and government?
harold January 10, 2013 at 02:09 PM
$500K? Maybe for the entire state to cover this Special Election, but not for Cherokee County. The Elections & Registration department was asked at the BOC meeting (and I was there) what the cost would be, and they have their budget setup to handle these "Special" elections. The cost was around $25K, maybe in a future article the Patch could ask and report their findings. As far as "far right", "tea party affiliation"....the election was open to anyone to throw their hat into the ring...and the only two to do so were those that felt they could do the "job". I agree with you that the state senate race was not represented from the "left" and should have been. I much prefer to see a more reflective audience of the people be available for selection. As far as being a "waste" of taxpayer funds, this is the very nature of the democratic process and a testament of how our Republic was envisioned by our nations leaders. It doesn't matter if a member of our Federal or State elected offices steps down, or is forced out of office due to other reasons. We were given the opportunity to "elect" their replacement instead of being "selected".
Kristal Dixon January 10, 2013 at 02:55 PM
We actually reported the cost of the election in Cherokee here: http://woodstock.patch.com/articles/early-voting-in-special-election-starts-dec-17
Stan January 10, 2013 at 05:54 PM
My source for the $500k is here . http://blogs.ajc.com/kyle-wingfield/2012/12/07/poll-position-should-politicians-who-resign-early-help-cover-the-cost-of-special-election. Its from the AJC from the conservative blogger Kyle Wingfield and the equally right wing WSB. Not to doubt the veracity of GOP elected officials in Cherokee but it would seem somewhat self serving to say it was this low. I will go with the higher estimate as it certainly has more credibility. The whole election was made necessary by the backroom political machinations of the GOP to get rid of Chip Rogers. Chip or the GOP should pay the cost not the taxpayers.
harold January 13, 2013 at 01:44 AM
Thank you Kristal, I had forgotten you had reported on the election costs. Stan, Kyle's blog is missing.


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