Sean Jerguson To Run For State Senate

The Holly Springs state representative will run for the seat vacated by former Senator Chip Rogers.

A Holly Springs Republican state legislator has tossed his hat into the ring to run for the Georgia Senate.

Sean Jerguson confirmed to Patch early Wednesday afternoon that he will run for the Georgia Senate District 21 seat, which encompasses the eastern half of Cherokee County, Alpharetta and Milton. 

The seat is now vacant as former Sen. Chip Rogers of Woodstock abruptly resigned from the position on Tuesday. 

Jerguson said he's looked at the possibility very carefully and has prayed about it.

“I think it was extremely important that someone from Cherokee County wins this seat and provide the conservative leadership that we need,” he said.

Jerguson said he does not have to resign to announce he's running, but noted he has to resign from his State House District 21 seat before he formally qualifies. 

Sources close to Georgia Department of Transportation Board Member Brandon Beach, Rogers' opponent in the July Republican primary, say he is close to a decision on running again for the seat.

Jerguson said he's garnered dozens of emails and phone calls from supporters, asking him to run for the seat. 

The state representative said he's gotten support from most of Cherokee County's legislative delegation members, such as State Rep.-elect Michael Caldwell (R-Woodstock), State Sen. Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville), State Sen. John Albers (R-Roswell) and State Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Hickory Flat).

He also noted he's received support from Holly Springs Mayor Tim Downing and other non-elected community leaders.

Jerguson said he's been "humbled" by the support residents have given him to elect him four times to the Georgia House of Representatives. The campaign, he said will be "quick," adding it's his understanding that Gov. Nathan Deal has set the special election date for Jan. 8. 

Jerguson added "it's important" that Cherokee residents understand he wants to provide the same conservative leadership in the state senate that he is known for in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Jerguson, owner of Hi Caliber Firearms, began his political career in 2001 when he was elected to the Holly Springs City Council. He was later elected to the state house in 2006 and subsequently re-elected in 2008, 2010 and earlier this year.

He and wife Kate have two children. 

Monty Brewster December 19, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Funny... sounds like you are projecting your guilt onto others. I know you are used to taking orders from Chip and now Spitball since Chip is out of the picture, but there are people that can think for themselves. I've met quite a few of them. I have differing opinions with many of them on several issues, yet we are able to converse in a civil manner. You, however, are unwilling to work with anyone with differing opinions, instead you start calling them names. So lets stick with the facts. Why do you believe Brandon should have had any intention of picking projects that would benefit Cherokee county? He doesn't work for us now. He works for Fulton and he does a helluva job for them. You ignore the fact that Sean failed to look out for Cherokee County, then flip-flopped. Why do you keep voting for people that default on huge bank loans? Chip with his Meth Hotel deal, and now Sean with his $700,000 trailer park? Next you'll be saying that you support teachers having guns in school. You claim to be "conservative" but vote for more government, amending the constitution, and higher taxes to support paying CEO's of charter schools. You vote for who and whatever your TEA bag tyrants tell you to. I vote for what I feel is the best thing for my family and community. If it makes you feel better to call me a Liberal/Democrat/RINO then do it. You know the Preamble was intentionally worded to make everyone feel it was totally harmless and was intended to deceive.
Addie Price December 20, 2012 at 04:36 AM
You can check at his store High Caliber.
Jim Beam December 20, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Monty, for obvious reasons, the Patch is refusing to post my response to your latest liberal diatribe. Will try again - there was nothing personal nor insulting in either of them but the Patch is likely pro-Beach, as it's a big union-loving fan of the status quo, just like Beach. Monty: "Why do you believe Brandon should have had any intention of picking projects that would benefit Cherokee county?" I dunno - perhaps because he would represent those citizens had he won the election? Cherokee County was wise to destroy loser Brandon Beach back in August and they'll be wise to do so again. He's not only not conservative and hates parental choice, loves tax&spend, and 100% of his loyalties lie in Fulton County, the GA DOT and Chamber of Commerce. The man cares not about Cherokee County so why should we give a crap about him? Vote Jerguson - a man actually interested in representing his electorate, rather than his transportation and MARTA lobbyists.
Monty Brewster December 21, 2012 at 01:30 AM
So, anything that you have no good answer for is "liberal diatribe". Good to know. Here's a neat quote: "Personal attacks are always the first sign of a lost debate." - Steely Dan It's sad that you think you are being attacked when I'm simply providing facts and asking questions. You blame Brandon for TSPLOST when he had no role in compiling the projects, yet you fail to hold Sean accountable for supporting TSPLOST while advising the project list and allowing the counties that vote it down to have repercussions for voting against it. You will never admit you are wrong. You won't admit that you were wrong about Chip. You won't put any fault on Chip for his fraudulent campaign, and costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for a special election. I will vote for someone like Brandon, who is humble and ethical, over someone that says they are a true "Republican" because they sell guns. Brandon looks out for the people he represents. What ethical faults do you find with Brandon? In the most unethical state delegation in the country, Brandon will be a breath of fresh air. Sean on the other hand is just another deceiver like chip. He's even got the big money real estate law suits against him... waiting for an explanation on that one... Again, saying that Brandon is at fault for not putting projects on the list for Cherokee County is like saying Deal should do the same for Alabama. It's simply your red herring.
Monty Brewster December 21, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Oh... and in case anyone is looking for the story behind Chip's abandonment of his elected Senate position: http://www.wsbtv.com/videos/news/gov-deal-involved-in-rogers-deal/vkm7p/


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