No Debate For Senate District 21 Candidates

Due to scheduling conflicts and "inordinate delays," there will be no debate held between Rep. Sean Jerguson and Brandon Beach.

CORRECTION: We originally listed Jan. 8 as the date of the second proposed debate. The true date is Jan. 5. We have changed the article to reflect the proper information.

Residents of Senate District 21 who wish to ask questions to the two men running for the right to represent them in Atlanta will be denied this opportunity, as it has been announced that no debate will be held between the two candidates ahead of the Jan. 8, 2013 special election.

Michael Fitzgerald, chairman of the Georgia GOP's Sixth Congressional District, wrote an e-mail to candidates Brandon Beach and Rep. Sean Jerguson informing them that no debate could be held due to, "inordinate delays in commitments, dates and decisions to participate."

In his e-mail to the candidates, Fitzgerald stressed that there should be a balance between demands on candidates' times and the public's right to learn more about the people who will represent them and be paid with public funds.

"Those seeking office should recognize and acknowledge this, and present a willingness to take clear and hard positions on controversial issues in a public forum," Fitzgerald wrote.

Fitzgerald told Patch that initially, a debate had been proposed for Jan. 3 and Jerguson had committed to appearing. However, Beach never responded to "multiple inquiries" regarding this date. Fitzgerald said that after 10 days, Beach asked the debate be moved to Jan. 5, but Jerguson never confirmed the new date.

"By far and away, the biggest losers are the constituents of Senate District 21," Fitzgerald wrote in the conclusion of his letter.

The two men are vying for the Senate seat that was abruptly vacated by Chip Rogers earlier this month  to take a job with Georgia Public Broadcasting. Jerguson had to resign from the State House of Representatives to run for the state Senate seat.

Common Sense December 30, 2012 at 02:39 PM
I would like to encourage everyone on this forum to pick up the phone and call Brandon Beach instead of whining about the lack of a debate. Is anyone really shocked that one wasn't thrown together in 25 days, in the midst of the Christmas season? What is the matter with you? Brandon debated several times over the summer, if you bothered to attend like I did, you know exactly what he stands for. Steely continuing to harp on T-SPLOST - which is OLD NEWS - sounds like a bunch of hypocritical hogwash since he likes to run his mouth to the 'Anti-Amendment 1' crowd about moving on after the vote. So, here's to you, Dan. MOVE ON. If Beach supporting the failed T-SPLOST (that your buddy Jerguson supported and helped create) is the ONLY smear campaign you people can come up with, I look forward to a BIG win for Brandon on January 8th!
Monty Brewster December 30, 2012 at 03:50 PM
You seem to have a few misconceptions about me, or just a short term memory. I've stated several times that I did not support TSPLOST and voted against it. I've also stated that I believe charter schools, when they are actually serving as a real charter school, have a purpose and can be helpful. But that is for a different forum. Here's what you are not addressing - Jerguson supported a tax increase. Regardless if he bailed or not, he supported it. We obviously have differing opinions on why he bailed. Fact is that he did support the state's largest tax increase. You apparenlty missed the clause in the TSPLOST that said any county voting down the TSPLOST would be penalized if TSPLOST were to pass overall. Did you not read that part? Another question for you (and Jerguson) - Jerguson supported and was on the executive committee of the TSPLOST for two years yet failed to help Cherokee in any way whatsoever. What was he doing? He obviously was not watching out for his constituents when he had the chance. So why should I vote for him now? He has done nothing to help improve Cherokee County in the time he has been allowed to represent us. Jerguson is anti-public schools. He's even got the endorsement from an out-of-state organization led by Betsy DeVos - http://www.talk2action.org/story/2011/4/20/232844/831 Looks like Jerguson is the one representing the special interest groups.
Common Sense December 31, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Dan, you have a LOT of time on your hands to doodle on the Patch and Facebook all day. Instead of whining about liberalism and RINOs in a forum under a moniker, why don't you 'roll up your sleeves' and actually DO something? Or is it because the voters didn't want you to?
Common Sense December 31, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Lee, you realize that Jerguson not only supported, but helped CREATE the T-SPLOST, correct? He was on the Advisory committee, and failed to do a THING for Cherokee Citizens in that role. http://www.ledgernews.com/news/weekly_news/article_e9af7c96-66db-536b-b875-a3fac0908cdd.html?mode=jqm He later bailed on supporting the tax (flip flop much?) and is now hailed a hero by his buddies like Steely Dan, who like to whine about Beach supporting 'the largest tax increase in Georgia'... even though their Pied Piper was not only a supporter, but a CREATOR of the tax and project list. It's almost comical. Only in Cherokee (where the voters put a 'Chip Rogers the Great' in office time and time again)!
Dean Sheridan December 31, 2012 at 04:46 PM
You Beach supporters must have selective memory. I was at his Primary debate - I witnessed Brandon double down on the T-SPLOST despite the opposition. That initiative was killed by the voters overwhelmingly when it became apparent there was no meat on the bones to reduce traffic - just Georgia's version of the Stimulus backed by special interests. On the other hand it's a public record of statement in several venues that Jerguson vehemently opposed it on at least three (3) counts for at least five (5) months before the election that Beach never mentioned nor acknowledged. 1. It is bad law 2. The Project list was out of control. 3. The benefits were not favorable to the Northern Counties for the price tag. One can only “assume” that Campaign contributions at that time and leading up to it by those that would benefit at the expense of the tax payer motivated a so called Conservative to become fiscally irresponsible. It is what it is and there is no debate there or in a current public forum. Now you know why.
Monty Brewster December 31, 2012 at 05:41 PM
Dean, Jerguson was on the committee to build TIA/TSPLOST yet did absolutely nothing to help Cherokee County. He failed to represent us and the bailed after he failed. Kind of like his $700,000 trailer park that he defaulted on which the tax payers will probably end up footing the bill for. Then he puts his hand out for another $750,000 from Obama which will also be paid for by the taxpayers if he fails again. Beach has been successful in his current position representing those in Alpharetta. What has Sean done for those he's supposed to have been representing? Are you going to talk this way about Nathan Deal in two years? He was a huge advocate of TSPLOST as well. Somehow I believe it will become a non-issue then. Jerguson is the same ol' look out for himself as Chip Rogers. No more status quo. I'm voting for Beach because our state needs ethical leaders.
Root9 January 03, 2013 at 12:24 AM
As a completely undecided, but informed voter, the above comments are worthless mud slinging. How about some positive comments about your respective candidate that he should be proud of. How about factual references to each of their previous voting records. I would love to attend a debate if the candidates would schedule it. From what's listed above, it appears that there should have been more choices.
Jim Beam January 03, 2013 at 01:04 AM
Common Sense proves again to not be so common. Common, what exactly are you doing to accomplish anything, other than stalking me here and elsewhere? Your continued usage of personal attacks rather than debating Beach's qualifications speak volumes though. You know that Beach is a tax & spend Democrat in disguise and you only share his complete hatred of charter schools and the children they educate. Your hatred of charter schools clouds your perspective - Beach would be terrible for Cherokee County. Tell me one reason why this man - who clearly has no interest in Cherokee County - should be elected to represent us? Try to do so without insulting me if you can. Remember - I'm not the one running for office.
Jim Beam January 03, 2013 at 01:13 AM
Common, once again your hatred of charter schools, the children they educate and their parents clouds your perspective. You've got serious issues here and are a terrible loser, as you'd rather sell Cherokee County's immediate future down the river (due to the crushing defeat you rec'd 2 months ago) and elect a Cherokee County hater in Brandon Beach rather than someone who's got our interests at the top of his platform in Sean Jerguson. Beach's unwavering support of failed TSPLOST and his anti-Amendment 1 stances are "smears" only to the whiny liberal. To the informed voter, they're facts about the man's voting record - Brandon Beach may be a nice guy but in politics, the man's a loser. His loyalty is to the DOT, MARTA, and his Chamber of Commerce buddies first...and the citizens of Cherokee County last. Or is his refusal to debate in Cherokee County just another "smear" to you whiny charter-school haters? Hate leads to suffering, padwan. Open your eyes or admit you plan to vote for a Big Tax & Spender in Brandon Beach. Stop pretending you're a 'conservative' if you do. Your obsession with me is flattering but it's a waste of time. Tell me why I should vote for a Cherokee County politician who refuses to have a debate in Cherokee County and who stubbornly supported a measure that provided no benefit to Cherokee County whatsoever (TSPLOST). Just tell me one single thing that's remotely conservative about Beach.
Dean Sheridan January 03, 2013 at 02:29 PM
Monty Brewster : In reference to the Governor - All politicians need "prodding" from time to time. If it wasn't for the vocal outcry by the voters at that time you would be paying tolls on 400 forever. Anyone can be on the wrong side of an issue on occasion and if I'm not mistaken the Governor has done a good job for the most part and made public statements about where he went wrong with this. The problem with Beach is he keeps beating the drum. In fact he's tripled down on the T-SPLOST. If your going to "bang" on Jerguson's integrity you better get your facts right and sport reasons for voting - supporting your candidate of choice. You don't and that speaks volumes. For those that want just facts not rhetoric about Jerguson, I suggest you look up the public voting record he has had in the General Assembly for years now. It speaks for itself. Beach just cannot compete with that; as I stated earlier that's the real reason there is no debate.
Monty Brewster January 03, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Please, Dean, point out my inaccuracies. You can't, because you know that I am right. Was it my rounding? Sorry - Sean is currently being sued for the exact amount of $611,670.95 plus accrued and unpaid interest of $28,956.52 as of December 2012. The amount that Sean Jerguson accepted from Obama's handout was $755,000.00. If he defaults on this one, he is not held accountable, but rather the taxpayers are! What a flaming hypocrite! Sean Jerguson "served" to represent Cherokee County on the executive round table committee for TIA/TSPLOST - http://www.ledgernews.com/news/weekly_news/article_e9af7c96-66db-536b-b875-a3fac0908cdd.html?mode=jqm This would have been a good opportunity for Sean to actually prove that he was in this to help Cherokee County residents and he did not. He completely failed to do so and then he bailed on the TSPLOST knowing that his lack of representation would not sit well with the people he is supposed to be representing. Scot Turner would have destroyed him in that election. Sean Jerguson voted FOUR times to support TSPLOST as well as supporting an additional tax that voters would not be able to vote on. Sean even used his constituent email list to SPAM his gun store on them - http://www.blogfordemocracy.org/2012/04/spring-sprung-cherokee-county.html Please, please, PLEASE, Dean... which of these is untrue? And then please correct my inaccuracies in lieu of just saying that I'm wrong. What has Sean done for us?
Monty Brewster January 03, 2013 at 05:05 PM
Dan, what you are experiencing is called psychological projection. You are projecting your negative feelings of public education on others saying they "hate" charter schools. To help you resolve these feelings, you need to give specific examples of what makes you believe Common Sense "hates" charters.
Jim Beam January 03, 2013 at 07:06 PM
Monty, I asked for one single thing 'conservative' about Beach. I asked for one reason why I should vote for a MARTA-loving, Chamber of Commerce lackey who only cares for Fulton County, rather than the county he'd represent a majority of. You provided neither. Jerguson's bailing on TSPLOST is more than Beach has ever done. Beach has always and only supported more road tolls and more taxes that he can shovel to his DOT lobbyist buddies. Beach's steadfast, earnest support of '80% of GA hated it' TSPLOST isn't ethical - it's asinine.
Jim Beam January 03, 2013 at 07:15 PM
Monty, perhaps your memory needs to be checked out. Common Sense was a vocal opponent of Amendment 1 last fall. That person is clearly still upset over the absolute drubbing the NO crowd experienced, to the point that they will support a blueblooded Democrat over a conservative. of course, I suspect Common Sense is likely a district lackey and simply following orders. have you cast your vote for Natalie Bergeron (D) yet, Monty? She's a big charter hater too. Right up your alley.
Dean Sheridan January 03, 2013 at 09:51 PM
Monty - there you go again. I asked you come up for reasons to vote for your Candidate of choice. Instead you used this post as a last ditch effort of a confusing smear piece. Voters, after a long Campaign season know those tactics are for losing Candidates with no issues to run on; when desperate - down in the polls as it were. I'll stick with a proven winner and a public track record of Conservative voting vs. Honey Boo Boo and the RINO crowd. In the same token we true Conservatives have a big tent and I would encourage you participate in the arena of ideas and share them; so we know what your candidate stands for.
Monty Brewster January 03, 2013 at 11:58 PM
So... no inaccuracies then?
Monty Brewster January 05, 2013 at 06:16 AM
I seriously can't believe that my last responses were not allowed to be posted after the nonsensical misinformation and personal attacks that Dean and Danny post on here is allowed. So instead of stating facts, I'll ask questions that anyone concerned enough can research and find the answers. Who created more than 2000 jobs in the area he currently represents? Who only created "more than 13" jobs? Who has never voted to raise taxes as an elected official? Who was seated on the executive roundtable committee for TSPLOST and voted to for the largest tax increase in state history four times and also voted for the hospital bed tax as an elected official? Who has never accepted stimulus monies from Obama? Who received $755,000.00 in Obama stimulus funds, and is currently being sued for an amount well over $600,000.00?
Monty Brewster January 05, 2013 at 06:23 AM
If voting against Amendment 1 means that you hate charter schools, then voting against TSPLOST means you hate roads. Please provide actual proof and not more of your status quo talking points.
Monty Brewster January 05, 2013 at 02:53 PM
Justin (or other moderator), I've marked several other posts that you need to consider removing that are much more slanderous opinions than fact, as well as personal attacks and displays of hatred, if that is what you are trying to prevent by not allowing my last 4 posts, which are much more fact based than anything Danny or Dean has posted. Sorry, for the run-on sentence, but the bias and protection of Sean Jerguson is crap. I'm done. Thanks
Jim Beam January 05, 2013 at 04:20 PM
No Monty - voting against TSPLOST means you're against subsidizing the failure that is MARTA and asinine ideas like "light rail", and other crap Atlantans won't use nor that benefit other areas of GA being taxed to pay for it. The vast majority of proposed TSPLOST spending was for MARTA and other "alternative" transportation options.
Monty Brewster January 05, 2013 at 08:23 PM
I'll keep it simple then. http://atlantaunfiltered.com/2013/01/05/jergusons-filings-omit-property/
Justin Ove (Editor) January 07, 2013 at 05:02 PM
Monty, The $755,000 in Federal money Jerguson took for his business was not Obama stimulus money. The U.S. Small Business Administration loan program Jerguson took advantage of has been in existence since the 1950s. The Obama stimulus did, however, sweeten the pot for such loans. Best, Justin
Jim Beam January 07, 2013 at 05:10 PM
Monty, pointing out that Brandon Beach was/is a huge supporter of TSPLOST in the face of 80% disapproval isn't a "personal attack" but merely a stating of political fact. Your lies on Jerguson accepting "Obama Stimulus money" however, are completely untrue and have been properly corrected by Justin. Am still waiting for something resembling a "conservative credential" about your candidate: Brandon 'Big Tax, Big Tollbooths' Beach. Which candidate actually lives in the district he's running to represent?
Monty Brewster January 08, 2013 at 12:52 AM
The Obama stimulus affected the amount available for Sean to 'borrow' from the taxpayers... Danny- what you're saying sounds strangely familiar. We should vote for Jerguson because of where he lives? We shouldn't have a choice, unrestricted by where someone lives? Seriously? You and your Amendment 1 "choicers" should be ashamed... trying to limit choice by zip code. Tsk tsk tsk...
Jim Beam January 08, 2013 at 03:22 AM
Yes - I'd rather vote for the candidate who lives in the district he'd represent than one that doesn't. Not sure why you'd vote for someone who lives elsewhere and has no interest in actually representing 70% of his constituents. There are choices - this election is about choosing between 2 of them. Really not sure what the heck you're babbling about in terms of 'not having a choice', as there will be 2 names on the ballot. Monty, explain why I should vote for a candidate who has run and lost numerous elections in Brandon Beach....and yet still thought it was OK to just pocket people's campaign contributions for his personal wealth. If Beach has run for office that many times and still doesn't know Basic Campaign Law, he's unfit for office. If Beach has run for office that many times and DOES know Basic Campaign Law, then he's little more than a common thief and completely unfit for office. So Monty - do you believe that Beach is so incredibly ignorant of campaign law and naive to think he could just keep campaign money? Or do you believe that Beach is a well-qualified candidate who knew all about campaign laws, given how many elections he's run (and lost)? which is it, Monty? We know 2 things: Keeping campaign money is a crime...and Beach freely admits to keeping campaign money. So much for your "ethics" claim. That, or admit your buddy Beach is incompetent.
Monty Brewster January 08, 2013 at 04:10 AM
Wow. Can't believe the Patch allowed you to post something that intentionally misleads readers. Beach pocketed funds for personal wealth? You mean like Chip Rogers did? From my understanding, the funds were left in the campaign account? Which is definitely not illegal, and a practice that most politicians follow. You may also like to know that Brandon does in fact live in District 21. But now that you've brought up ethics- Sean's contribution report seems a bit funny. Seems the contributors have more of a political representation than local. His expenses didn't reflect much at all. Didn't even have the qualification fee on there. The link I posted below is also very informational. His supporters over on the Republican Women of Cherokee County are also a good reflection of Sean's anger issues. Dan, have you ever run for office? Ever won?
Jim Beam January 08, 2013 at 06:48 AM
Monty, you need to drop your obsession with Chip Rogers. It's unhealthy and he's out of office. The Patch printed my post because it's the truth: Beach kept that campaign money and regardless of your insistence to the contrary, it IS against state campaign law (i.e. it's ILLEGAL), as the Patch's article makes clear. It's interesting that you've no problems with breaking the law, as long as it's your candidate or side doing the law-breaking. You took a similar stance back during your A-1 thrashing by backing the district using taxpaid facilities to back a specific political stance and you clearly want to overlook Beach's law-breaking here. It's OK When You Do It, right Monty? I've never run for office so I've never won an election. But technically, I've never lost one either. Am unsure of the relevancy of my complete lack of political experience to the discussion on the unethical lawbreaking of your candidate Brandon Beach? Why do you always resort to a personal attack or query when cornered? Just answer the question, Monty: Is Brandon Beach merely ignorant of the laws governing the several elections he's lost? Is he just kinda dumb when it comes to reading the fine print? Or is he a smart politician, well-aware of the election laws but just decided he's hang on to $13,000 of the people's money? Which is it, Monty? Not that it matters, as either makes him unfit for office.
Monty Brewster January 08, 2013 at 03:23 PM
From the Transparency and Campaign Finance Act - Under § 21-5-33. Disposition of contributions: (B)(1)(D)For use in future campaigns for only that elective office for which those contributions were received. With respect to contributions held on January 1, 1992, or received thereafter, in the event the candidate, campaign committee, or public officer holding elective office has not designated, prior to receiving contributions to which this Code section is applicable, the office for which campaign contributions are received thereby, those contributions shall be deemed to have been received for the elective office which the candidate held at the time the contributions were received or, if the candidate did not then hold elective office, those contributions shall be deemed to have been received for that elective office for which that person was a candidate most recently following the receipt of such contributions; Now... what were you saying about someone being ignorant of the laws? You're posts are about as true as you saying you've never run for any elected position. You said that Beach pocketed campaign funds for personal use (like Chip Rogers did). That is a straight up LIE. Now you're saying it was the "people's money" when they are campaign contributions. Another misrepresentation of the facts. The only reason I bring up Chip Rogers is because you shielded him like you are now doing for Sean Jerguson.
Monty Brewster January 08, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Since you brought up A1 - funny how you went silent when the emails from the charter school Principals to all staff and families about supporting A1 went public... Kara Martin, one of the loudest voices of the lawsuit against all the School System Superintendents, fell off the map after that too. Wonder why? The loser who ran against Read for School Board Chair said he had copies of emails from Dr. P to CCSD employees. Where are those? He never produced them. You should sell red herrings and straw men. You'd make a fortune.
Jim Beam January 08, 2013 at 05:35 PM
Monty, I wasn't asking if YOU were ignorant of the laws - I was asking if your buddy BigTax BEACH was ignorant. I hope you weren't taught Reading Comprehension in our awesome CCSD schools! Monty - this link was in the Patch article just yesterday - Are you accusing the Patch of misreporting the facts? http://atlantaunfiltered.com/2013/01/05/beach-campaign-kept-unused-donations/ "When Brandon Beach ran for the Senate in 2010, he raised $13,600 to be spent on the general election once he became the Republican nominee. He didn’t make it that far, though, losing a primary runoff by a thin margin. State law requires candidates to refund contributions raised for an election in which they’re not on the ballot. Beach’s campaign kept those donations in his campaign account, using some for expenses and rolling the rest over to his 2012 race. State law may allow some of that money to be reallocated after the fact to cover 2010 primary or runoff expenses, but at least $8,400 could not be redesignated since it came from donors who had reached contribution limits for those races. Beach said he had no idea the money should have been refunded." So...if Beach was as astute of the law as you are, he's guilty of willingly keeping money that he should not have. Else, he's an ignoramus. Those are the absolute, only 2 options available here. Beach himself clearly takes the "I AM STOOPID MY BAD!" excuse above. The guy's a clown.


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