Letter: '08 Opponent Endorses Garrison

Nicole Ebbeskotte Trim lost to Sheriff Roger Garrison four years ago. Now she says she'll vote for him in the July 31 primary.

As many of you may remember, I ran for sheriff four years ago. I met amazing people across Cherokee County explaining it was time for a new sheriff. I didn't run because I didn't like the personality of or that I was a scorned former employee. I ran because I felt there were issues, real issues, that were not being addressed at the time.

The issues I felt important were 1) a stronger stance on criminal enforcement such as gangs, 2) a stronger stance on illegal immigration, 3) participating in more jurisdictional task forces to alleviate some of the financial burden on the sheriff's office budget, as well as fiscal responsibility. These are imperative issues a sheriff is forced to prioritize in order to keep the citizens of Cherokee County safe.

In this summer's election, the sheriff's race is again up for the citizens to decide. I sat down with to see what he felt the direction of law enforcement needs to be in Cherokee County versus the direction Sheriff Garrison is leading us. The response from Mr. Waters was I want to retire here and Roger and I have a history.

Well, I have history with Sheriff Garrison as well. I worked for him for seven years. We didn't always agree, but at the end of the day, Sheriff Garrison always looks out for the safety of the citizens of Cherokee County. He has done this through being more proactive on gang and immigration initiatives, accrediting the agency so there is a standard of conduct and honor that our deputies work under, the agency is fiscally responsible and Sheriff Garrison has been listening to the needs of the citizens.

Four years ago, when I called upon Sheriff Garrison to look at some of the areas I felt the agency needed to pay more attention to, he probably was not happy with me. But today, I am proud to say we are a safer community because he listened to what the citizens said they needed to feel safer in Cherokee County.

This upcoming July, I hope you go into the voting booth and remember to vote for a sheriff who has watched a county almost double in size and has ensured our law enforcement efforts followed suit. I know from my time as a deputy and my time as a candidate that while the sheriff and I don’t always agree, the one thing I will agree with him on is that he is dedicated to the men and women who work every day protecting this county. I also know that Sheriff Garrison has said this is his last term should he be re-elected (and I hope he is) and that his legacy will show the evolution of a small rural county law enforcement department to a vibrant, dynamic agency that is a model for growing counties around the country.

On July 31, I will proudly vote for Roger Garrison to make sure that Cherokee County deputies and citizens have a sheriff in office with the right priorities of safety, agency and community.

Nicole Ebbeskotte Trim is a former public information officer and corporal for the .

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Concerned For Cherokee May 25, 2012 at 01:51 AM
Funny! She's only voting for him because David told her during their meeting that he didn't vote for her because she wasn't ready. It's revenge.
Wahrheit-Teller July 11, 2012 at 06:55 AM
Can't be because she thinks he is more qualified?


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