House Bill Would Allow Lawmakers To Carry Firearms on Government Property

State Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Hickory Flat) is sponsoring House Bill 394, which would allow state lawmakers to carry firearms on government property.

A Cherokee County state lawmaker wants his colleagues to be able to carry firearms onto government property, a certain privilege other government employees are already allowed to do. 

State Rep. Calvin Hill (R-Hickory Flat) has introduced legislation that would allow members of the Georgia General Assembly to carry firearms on government property.

House Bill 394 would allow state lawmakers with a valid Georgia carry permit to take their firearms in government buildings and government property. 

Tell us, Woodstock and Towne Lake: what do you think of the legislation put forth by Rep. Calvin Hill?

The law would apply to current and former lawmakers, but specifies that no lawmaker would be allowed to carry firearms into the chambers of the State House or the State Senate.

Currently the law allows people such as county medical examiners and coroners, state and federal trial and appellate and municipal court judges, probation officers, solicitors general, current and retired police chiefs, current and retired sheriffs, sheriff's deputies and police officers to carry firearms into government buildings.  

The bill has been assigned to the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee and waiting to be heard.

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CL Atkins February 26, 2013 at 05:08 PM
I think this bill is another example of the arrogance of our elected officials. They should not be able to vote themselves rights that their constituents do not have.
Frank Jones February 27, 2013 at 02:23 PM
Is the Gold Dome really that dangerous and unprotected? Or are the legislators trying to prove they're "real men"? Maybe they're trying to compensate for something!


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