Henley: Chief Will Do Anything for Job

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1. His face hidden, former  Officer Daniel Henley told WSB-TV on Thursday night that he was caught in the middle of a conflict between City Manager Scott Wood and interim Canton Police Chief Vande Zande. Henley is the officer who resigned on Wednesday in the wake of intense scrutiny of . Wood drove off that night with a warning for speeding and failing to maintain his lane. Henley turned off the audio toward the end of the stop, which is a violation of department policy. Henley told WSB-TV it was normal protocol in the Canton Police Department. "Vande Zande wanting to get the chief's position," he said. "That's all this is stemming from. He will do anything to get that position."

2. By Oct. 15, all members must submit an evaluation of Wood, who on Thursday was given  to evaluate his effectiveness as city manager.

3. Vande Zande, the interim chief of the , overheard an April 6 meeting between Wood, Roger Garrison and a third unidentified person to discuss his qualifications for the job. Vande Zande, who interviewed to become the permanent chief on Monday, . Wood answered, but said nothing. During a special called Canton City Council meeting on Thursday, Wood said it was an honest mistake, and that he'd been "butt dialed" by a council member that day. He declined to identify the council member, but said the official was talking about him. Meanwhile, Garrison said there was nothing unusual about the meeting with Wood.

4. The will play host to the first Georgia Foothills Filmfest at 7 p.m. Saturday. Tickets, which are $5, will be available at the door.

5.  in Woodstock has taken the lead in this week's Readers' Choice poll from  in Canton. To make the poll a little more interesting, we're going to pick one winner for Woodstock-Towne Lake PatchHolly Springs-Hickory Flat Patch and Canton-Sixes Patch combined. —and for town pride. Remember: We give equal weight to votes and comments. Be sure to do both.

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kadeetee April 13, 2012 at 12:14 PM
This City "Manager" can't seem to manage himself. Why are we paying him an exorbitant salary to behave like he's above the laws? I don't believe his explanation for the answered phone. His integrity is suspect. He needs to resign. I'm thankful that this is all being brought out for the taxpayers and not hidden like I would safely assume so much stuff has been in the past.
concerned citizen April 14, 2012 at 02:10 PM
everyone seems to have missed some important issues. The chief told the news media on camera that the police had a policy against turning the microphone off but could not provide a copy of that policy to them when they requested it. Henley is he statement to the press asked for a copy of it also and was not provided a copy of it. Are they waiting to make one? There also appears to be another issue as to when the chief asid he gave Henly a warning. Henley says it was after the chief gave his interview and the chief cannot remember when he gave it?! Who gave this imformation of the video sttop to begin with? It would appear it would be whomever would benefit the most from it and not Henley.


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