Glen Cummins Named Canton City Manager

Cummins, who has also resigned his Ward III seat, will be paid $120,000 annually for his work. The city will now have to call a special election to fill the seat in November.

Credit: Patch file
Credit: Patch file
The Canton City Council has chosen its Ward III councilman to be its city manager.

Glen Cummins was chosen for the position during the council's work session and called meeting on Thursday. The council voted 3-2-1, with council members Bill Grant and Sandy McGrew opposing and Cummins abstaining, to appoint Cummins to the position. 

The appointment is effective immediately, so Cummins has resigned his Ward III council seat. The council during its July 17 meeting will consider calling a special election to be held in conjunction with the Nov. 4 general election. 

Cummins' base salary will be $120,000 per year, which will be doled out in bi-weekly installments. He will receive a $600 monthly car allowance, 160 hours of paid vacation and 80 hours of six leave each year, dental insurance and a budget for "general business expenses" as well as membership fees or dues for local civic clubs or organizations.

He will not receive retirement benefits, and no mention of health insurance was referenced in the contract. 

Before the vote was taken, Councilman Grant explained why he could not support Cummins as city manager.

Grant said he'd been contacted by a number of constituents who expressed their opposition to Cummins as the choice and would have preferred if the city had brought in a manager who had no ties to Canton. 

"While I have no questions about Mr. Cummins' professional experience and education, I'm generally concerned about the level of...city manager experience," he added. 

He also took issue with the city moving forward with naming Cummins' to the position, as an active ethics complaint has been filed by a resident who accused Cummins of financially benefitting from not resigning from the council while serving in the interim.

However, John Rust had positive words for Cummins, adding he's done a "great job" with his tenure during the last several months.

The new city manager added he will continue the work he started when he launched his campaign for the Ward III seat in 2011. 

"When I started this process three years ago to run for the city council, I came with one intention," he said. "That intention was to make improvements to this city. As I move from one chair to another chair, the intention is exactly the same, (which) is to make this the city in which our citizens can be proud of and are happy to reside and work in."

Cummins was named the city's finalist for the position in June. He was the second finalist announced in the last three months for the position. In March, Mayor Gene Hobgood announced former Main Street Woodstock Director Billy Peppers was the city's sole finalist for the role. 

However, Peppers' nomination did not have the backing of the majority of the council, and he withdrew his name from consideration. After Peppers withdrew is name as finalist, Cummins then submitted his name to be considered for the post.

Cummins was compensated no more than $10,000 per month while serving as the interim, the post he was named to after the resignation of Scott Wood.  

nuclearjim July 04, 2014 at 06:53 AM
Corruption at it's most blatant..........Shame on Canton for allowing this travesty.
Joe Johnson July 07, 2014 at 06:45 AM
The travesty here is Mr. Grant's new found concern over experience. He said, "While I have no questions about Mr. Cummins' professional experience and education, I'm generally concerned about the level of...city manager experience," he added. What a joke!
David Ruff July 07, 2014 at 08:48 AM
I am not sure why this is a joke, Billy Peppers was run out because of his lack of experience even though he has spent his entire career in the local government sector and the majority on city council said he had a lack of experience as their main concern. It appears that Mr. Grant applied the same criteria the majority had done for Mr. Peppers and applied it (correctly) to Mr. Cummins. I am not sure why if this was a joke now that it wasn't a joke before when applied to a young, experienced and fresh face to the city. No need to answer, I think it is well received that this is another of a never ending jab that you seem to always send Mr. Grants way.
Change For Canton July 07, 2014 at 09:15 AM
David Ruff, It is just Bill Bryan (Joe Johnson) being himself.
Joe Johnson July 07, 2014 at 10:51 AM
Mr. Ruff if you will check the history of this site you will see that I have sent jabs towards quite a few politicians when they speak out of both sides of their mouth. In this case Mr. Grant expended considerable effort in promoting Mr. Peppers, who I believe to be a very fine man, for the job of city manager. The fact that Peppers was completely inexperienced not only in city management but inexperienced in any management did not matter to Grant. Now suddenly experience matters to Grant when it is not his guy.


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