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Complaint: Cummins "Financially Gained" From Manager Selection Process

A local resident says Canton Interim City Manager Glen Cummins benefitted from the selection process for the position that's been vacant since January.

Credit: Patch file
Credit: Patch file
A Great Sky resident is accusing interim City Manager and Councilman Glen Cummins of using his power for personal gain.

Andy Potts on Tuesday submitted a letter to Canton Mayor Gene Hobgood in an attempt to bring ethics charges against Cummins, who is the city's sole finalist for the position. 

In the letter, which is attached above, Potts notes Cummins should not have been allowed to participate in the city manager search process and the council member should have resigned his seat before tossing his name into the pool of applicants. 

"The fact that Mr. Cummins did not enter his resume into the running from the beginning has a direct impact on his compensation," he writes. "This created a situation where Mr. Cummins had influence in the city manager selection process and then financially gained from the disqualification of the sole candidate, Mr. Billy Peppers. Not only did it lengthen the time he was acting city manager, which is more financial gain, but it also opened himself up for the position.

Cummins is the second finalist announced in the last three months for the position. In March, Mayor Gene Hobgood announced former Main Street Woodstock Director Billy Peppers was the city's sole finalist for the role. 

However, Peppers' nomination did not have the backing of the majority of the council, and he withdrew his name from consideration. After Peppers withdrew is name as finalist, Cummins then submitted his name to be considered for the post. 

Cummins is being paid no more $10,000 per month as compensation for the duties. 

The council is set to vote during its July 3 meeting on whether to give Cummins that position permanently. 

On Wednesday, Potts said he has the backing of several residents who support his decision to file the complaint. Cummins declined to comment on the specifics of the letter, but noted the letter was "baseless and totally laughable."

"Mr. Potts has no clue how far wrong he is," Cummins said in a written statement. "His total effort to discredit me is based upon a personal agenda for the finishing of the street upon which he lives and that I have opposed."

Potts said the city council has already accepted the street as a public one, so that point is "moot." 

Potts added that he does not think his letter will propel the council to consider hiring another person to serve as city manager. He did say he felt Cummins should step down from his seat on the council and consider offering his services as a consultant.

"He’s a very intelligent man and I think he has a lot of great ideas," Potts stated. 

Per city ordinance, Hobgood will appoint a committee made up of two council members who, along with the city attorney, will review whether the complaint is sufficient enough to be heard before the Board of Ethics. 

The mayor declined to comment on the complaint. 


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