City Hall Issues Downtown Parking RFP

The city is seeking a qualified parking consultant to analyze the current parking conditions downtown and determine whether or not a parking structure needs to be built.

The City of Canton has issued a request for proposal (RFP) for a parking analysis for the downtown area and whether or not a parking structure should be built to alleviate parking issues.

"Recent improvements made by the City are playing a substantial role in new development and redevelopment taking place, from streetscape to building improvements," writes the city in its RFP, which is also attached to this article. "The City has tried to keep pace with the parking demand created by the growth in the Downtown area, although some merchants contend that the current public parking inventory is inadequate."

The city would like to learn if a parking shortage does actually exist downtown and wants to determine ways to prepare for the city's future through parking improvements. Additionally, the city is interested in discovering whether or not a parking structure would be beneficial to the city.

Proposals will be broken into three separate parts: Existing Parking Conditions & Recommendations, Future Parking Needs & Recommendations, and Recommended Parking Structure Requirements. The three-part plan is required due to city budget issues, and will allow the city to determine the proper timing for each new proposal.

Six sealed proposals and accompanying PDF files are due at the Community Development Department Office by 1 p.m. on Feb. 28.


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