Cherokee State House Candidates Bring In Cash For Race

However, the four candidates in Tuesday's special election for the Georgia House District 21 seat aren't raising as much money as the Georgia Senate District 21 candidates.

The four candidates vying for the Georgia House District 21 seat in Tuesday's special election aren't bring in as much dough as their counterparts running for the Georgia Senate District 21 seat.

Democratic candidate Natalie Bergeron and her Republican challengers Scot Turner, Kenneth Mimbs and Brian Laurens have all submitted their campaign contributions and expenditures reports for the special election.  

Turner, who challenged Sean Jerguson in July Republican primary for the state house seat, has raised $14,905.91 in cash and $9,496.50 in in-kind contributions. 

However, Turner in his report notes he had previous donations carried over from the 2012 primary season. Turner reported $8,741.79 in previous cash contributions and $8,875.00 in in-kind contributions.

Turner has spent $13,529.99 in cash, which includes $4,960.98 spent for the special election and $8,569.01 spent during the 2012 primary.

He also lists a total of $9,096.50 in in-kind expenditures to date, $8,875.00 of which was used during the primary and $221.50 spent during the special election.

Turner currently has $1,375.92 in cash on hand. Turner has a lot of support among Cherokee County Republican Party members, but his biggest donor is Acworth resident Rick Davies at $1,000.

Turner also donated $2,500 towards his campaign. 

Bergeron has raised $3,050.00, including $2,240 in cash and $810 in separate donations that don't exceed $100.

She has spent $493.65, which includes $93.65 in separate expenditures that don't exceed $100. She has $2,556.35 in the bank. 

State law doesn't require candidates to list separate contributions or expenditures under $101 as itemized contributions and expenses. 

Bergeron's biggest contributor includes $1,000 from Joseph Leman, a lawyer working for her law firm. 

Mimbs has only raised $250 in cash and $400 in in-kind contributions. He hasn't made any expenditures to date.

He lists the $400 in-kind donation as the fee he paid to qualify for the election. The Committee to Elect Butch Miller is the sole donor to Mimbs' campaign. 

Laurens has received $3,000 in in-kind contributions, $3,440 in cash and also lists a $10,000 loan to his campaign.

Laurens has spent $4,131.22 and has utilized $289.53 of his in-kind contributions. He currently has $9,308.78 in cash on hand. 

None of Lauren's itemized contributions total over $500. Some of his biggest supporters include State Rep. Ed Setzler at $250; State Rep. Rick Jasperse at $400; State Rep. Sam Teasley at $500 and WIN at $500.

Campaign contribution reports can be viewed on the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission's website. 


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