Cherokee Associate Magistrate Judges Sworn In

The seven associate judges have over 120 years of combined experience in the field of law.

Cherokee County Chief Magistrate James E. Drane, III welcomed seven new associate judges to his legal team during a group swearing-in ceremony conducted by Chief Probate Judge Keith Wood at the Cherokee County Justice Center last Friday.

Those sworn in alongside Drane were Hon. Hugh M. Dorsey, III, Hon. Gregory T. Douds, Hon. Konrad G.W. Ziegler, Hon. Nancy D. Carson, Hon. John A. Meier, II and Hon. Steven M. Campbell.

The seven associate magistrate judges are highly experienced in the courtroom, with a combined 121 years' worth of experience arguing cases. Additonally, each judge went to a different law school, from four different states and two separate regions of the country. Drane said the diversity of legal opinions amongst his associate magistrates will add strength and health to the judicial functions the group is responsible for.

The seven judges have experience in cases ranging from magistrate court, superior court, state court and juvenile court.

Drane said that he was confident that this team would allow him to fulfill his promises of tax accountability, being tough on crime but protecting the rights of the accused, deciding cases fairly and promptly and assisting other courts with heavy case loads to Cherokee County taxpayers.


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