Still No Suspects in RJ Statler Murder

As Cartersville police continue to follow any leads and tips that come in, a mother in Ontario, Canada, urges the community to come forward with information to help 28-year-old Cantonite R.J. Statler's family and friends, who are coping with unansw

On a warm, sunny day in Cartersville, a young woman washes her car as other patrons prepare to soap and vacuum their vehicles at Sun Glo Car Wash, where months earlier 28-year-old local resident R.J. Statler was shot once and killed.

Despite to the arrest of the person responsible, police have no suspects in the on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Statler was found after 11 p.m., lying in a car wash stall next to his pickup truck. He had been "mudding" with family earlier in the day.

"The investigators are continuing to follow any leads and tips they receive," Cartersville Police Department spokesman Capt. Mark Camp said, declining to indicate if Statler's case had gone cold. "Interviews have been conducted for various reasons but there is no suspect at this time."

That and all of the unanswered questions has Statler's mother heartbroken.

"," his mom, Dorothy Croft, an Ontario, Canada, resident, wrote in a Cartersville Patch post.

"Right now I have so much hate and I was not brought up that way," she added.

Croft said the killer not only took a son, brother and friend, but also negated any chance the Statler name would be carried on through R.J., who'll never be able have children of his own, give his parents grandchildren and his sister a niece or nephew.

"...Always be looking around because you will be caught either [by] a friend, family or the police, and when they do find you, I hope you rot in he--," Croft wrote to the killer. "You are a coward...."

Described as sweet, kind, loving and hard working, Statler grew up in nearby Canton and in 2002 graduated from Cherokee High School, near the park at which many of Statler's friends would hold a candlelight vigil in his honor.

"R.J. was a good guy. He did not deserve this. Whoever did it needs to come forward and let this grieving family find some sense of peace. His entire family was so close knit and is absolutely destroyed," commented Patch user Amber Grunke. "It has been over two months and the police department [is] no closer to finding this cold-blooded killer than they were on day one.... Do not let this murder become a cold case file. Someone needs to pay for this!"

Others tried to comfort the grieving family.

"My great-niece was murdered 6 years ago, Feb. 20. She was drugged, beaten, gang-raped and thrown out on the side of the road like a dead dog," said Patch user Margie Murdock. "Someone called 911 and told them where she was. She died on the way to the hospital. She would have been 20 years old in April; too old for child abuse to get involved. To this day nothing has ever been done to avenge her murder, so we know exactly how you feel."

"But as it was said, 'God hasn't had His payday yet,'" Murdock added.

If you have any information that could help resolve the Statler case, call police headquarters at 770-382-2526 or use , by dialing 770-606-5337.

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Nicole Benedit March 12, 2013 at 12:10 AM
Get it right. He wasn't robbed. He was murdered. Absolute ridiculousness that there are no suspects. Small town with minimal violence and no one comes forward. What ever happened decency and community. Ask yourself if it was your brother or son ! Whom worked hard and donated his time to any lost soul in need. Just a waste! If I ever run across the murder. Oh I don't even care to entertain the thought.
Darlene Garnigan March 25, 2013 at 08:35 AM
this should be an embarrasment to the Cartersville police dept because there is a police station right there at the sun glo car wash. why did our tax paying momey not protect R.J satttler
Darlene Garnigan March 25, 2013 at 08:37 AM
RJ stattler was a loving and kind young man that worked at CNN in Atlanta with a promising future. I pray that GOD wiil bring forth his murderer soon


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