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Final Brunn Interview Released

"Yeah, she was a cute kid," he told GBI agents immediately after he confessed to the murder of 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera. He also acknowledged that he'd molested others.

Monday, the GBI released new video of what would become . The footage aired on metro Atlanta television stations.

In the interview, which occurred at the  immediately after he , Brunn said he didn't pick out the first-grader.

"Like, I didn't have this thought in my head for two weeks," he said.

"I'm not saying that," one of the GBI agents said, "but there are some children you take more notice of than others."

"Yeah, she was a cute kid," said Brunn, who admitted that he was attracted to young kids and had watched child pornography.

He said that he noticed Jorelys dropped her roller skate, a .

"I was just working, honestly," he said.

Jorelys was  where she lived and died. Brunn, 20, worked there as a maintenance worker. He'd .

Jorelys'  was found in a Dumpster from the complex on Dec. 5. An autopsy found that she likely died 60 to 90 minutes after she disappeared. Jorelys had been compacted, but not before she was . Her throat was slit.

In the taped interview, Brunn denied that he sexually assaulted Jorelys even though the . But for the first time, he acknowledged that he had molested others.

Initially, he hedged on that point. When GBI agents told him that two girls accused him of groping them, he was cornered.

"I guess I did it more than one time," he said. "I guess I did it a few times, but it wasn't in the same day. But I guess after awhile, I realized that it wasn't happening."

Brunn said he'd never been molested. He said he regretted his actions.

"I regret everything I did," Brunn said. "I wish I was still working and I wish I could watch the Giants win the Super Bowl, but I guess I'm not going to do that."

At the end of the interview, Brunn said: "You all wanna come see me in prison? Feel free."

That was the plan. Brunn was to be a case study of sorts. Shortly after his detailed confession and sentencing, GBI Director Vernon Keenan told reporters that law enforcement officials wanted to be able to  to aid the agency in future investigations.

"Him  and to learn lessons on how to investigate these type crimes," he said at a Jan. 17 press conference. "This is how we perfect our skills in doing criminal investigations of child murders. If he were on death row, we would not have an opportunity to talk to him."

The GBI never got a chance to sit down with Brunn again.

Two days later, he was  at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson. An .


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