Who's Afraid of Kelly Marlow?

Kelly Marlow is a patriot.

The Oxford English Dictionary third definition of "Patriot" is "A person actively opposing enemy forces occupying his or her country; a member of a resistance movement, a freedom fighter. Originally used of those who opposed and fought the British in the American War of Independence." The earliest citation is a 1773 letter by Benjamin Franklin. In Britain at the time, "patriot" had a negative connotation, and was used, says Samuel Johnson to attack "a factious disturber of the government."

It's no wonder the folks over at SCRAM are so offended--Kelly Marlow is disturbing their school board.

Kelly Marlow is RIGHT about Common Core, which has little to do with educating our children, and mostly to do with money. Why are we as parents of children in public school putting up with this abuse on our children? Our kids are being used as guinea pigs over and over again. They're innocent victims in all of this. That's the worst part. Kelly Marlow knows this, and seems to be the only person actually concerned with the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN. 

Please do your research on Common Core from a reliable source. There are a lot of them out there.  Pick one.

I like this paragraph on Kelly's website, "I am proud to serve as the District 1 Representative on the Cherokee County Board of Education, duly elected to serve the entire Cherokee County community beginning in Januarty 2012.  I ran on a platform of engaging the wider community in a robust conversation about education."  At least she is staying true to her word.

Thank you Kelly! I'm proud to have you fighting for my kids. 
Common Sense October 15, 2013 at 02:44 PM
What an EMBARRASSMENT! This fool and her band of merry idiots were just indicted on FELONY charges for lying to the police. What a stand-up gal! LOL!
Thyme Tugeaux October 15, 2013 at 03:13 PM
Coffee Lady- Why isn't Kelly Marlow complaining to CSUSA/CCA about their use of Common Core? That is where her kids go... This is just more proof of her vendetta with Dr. P and CCSD. She is a politician, not a very good one, but a politician nonetheless.
jatlantagirl88 October 15, 2013 at 09:05 PM
So glad that her underhanded stupidity is finally brought to the fore front!!! She is an embarassement to our wonderful County and its awsome School distrect.... please for give my spelling... She is gone now for sure!!!


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