Letter to the Editor: Calvin Hill's Gun-Free Zone Arrogance

A concerned citizen wonders why a bill aimed at removing gun-free zone status from legislative buildings isn't expanded to the public.

Dear Editor,

Representative Calvin Hill (R-Cherokee County) has introduced a Bill into the Public Safety and Homeland Defense Committee in the Georgia House. HB 394 – Special Privileges for Legislators lifts “Gun Free Zone” restrictions for legislators citing these “Gun Free Zones” are dangerous. This includes the Coverdell Building and offices.

I agree that “Gun Free Zones” are dangerous. Every multiple shooting since 1990, except one, occurred in a “Gun Free Zone. Newtown, CT, Columbine, CO, Aurora, CO, were all “Gun Free Zones” and multiple murders by madmen occurred. The multiple shooting in Tucson, AZ, that injured Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) and killed six others was not a “Gun Free Zone”.

Representative Hill believes that elected officials are more at risk in “Gun Free Zones” than the average citizen. Yet, in all these cases average citizens were murdered and not one legislator was killed. It is ridiculous to believe that the average citizen is less at risk in “Gun Free Zones” than a legislator.

Representative Hill seeks to protect himself, but leave the average citizen at risk. Arrogance on display.

- Bill Evelyn

Betty D. Scyphers February 26, 2013 at 07:27 PM
Using up to date information on American civilians on foreign soil; if the lives of innocent people are in jeopardy because of actions of the American criminal, yes, use the proper means to take him out..save lives, and do the right thing. Americans can be evil given the right circumstances..some are raised to be criminals.


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