Just When Georgia Voters Thought the Election Season Was Over, Merry Christmas!

All you need to know before heading to the polls in Georgia's Special Election.

With the November General Election behind us, many folks turned their eyes toward Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving.  But then State Senator Chip Rogers threw the voters a curve ball and thrust pundits and voters into overtime campaign season.  Georgia Senate District 21 and Georgia House District 21 both represent Cherokee County and have manifested some interesting candidates.  I have contacted nearly all qualified candidates who are still in the running for the House seat and what I found was simply amazing and somewhat startling:

 Kenneth Ashley Mimbs – I contacted Kenneth directly and here was his response when I asked his message/platform:

“I will be posting my agenda in the days ahead (yes I have one). Heck, even today as I posted on Facebook my support of the 2nd Amendment, that was more than you have gotten! I promise you, I am not your typical candidate. You will see as I campaign in the streets in the coming weeks! How about I campaign on more local control on education as opposed to state control? Perhaps, I dislike redundancy in state agencies? Maybe I wonder why technology/bio-science companies are in Cobb County and not in Cherokee! I am up to date, put your support behind me and you will have one-on-one knowledge of what is happening. I am very approachable and a man not only of the people but for the people!” Kenneth, are you asking me or telling me?

 Scot Turner – Scot believes in restoring Faith in Government Initiatives.  Lobbyist or Political Action Committees will never purchase Turner’s vote.  He says, “you will never wonder whose interests I am representing.”  He believes in true tax reform and says, “We need tax reform that puts everyone on equal footing so that everyone has an equal opportunity to compete in a free market system.”  Turner believes in empowering our educators and parents with the tools critical in ensuring our children succeed.  Turner believes life begins at conception, a strong supporter of the second amendment, and demands pressure be placed on the Federal Government to deal with our broken borders.

 Democrat Natalie Bergeron – When contacted Natalie replied, “Our message will develop as we here from our constituents.”

 Wait, are there really candidates who are running and don’t have a message or platform to take to the voters?  The very reason one decides to run is because of their message; you take your individual message to the voters to vet.  Sounds like Kenneth and Natalie are hoping to ride the “Special Election Train” into office.  Natalie and Kenneth seem to think they have months to get a message together and reach voters.  I’m sad to report that you have seven days from the 10th to early voting on the 17th, two weeks until the January 8th election, and Christmas and New Year in the mix.  Although name recognition is going to play a large part in this election, this isn’t a high school popularity contest, Natalie and Kenneth.  In Political Science we call these candidates, Pulpit Candidates, and they simply have no chance in winning any election.

Scot Turner is familiar with running a front-runner type campaign and did quite well against incumbent Sean Jerguson in November.  The voters are familiar with Turner and he should have easy support going into January 8th’s Special Election.  Based on my prima facie facts on each candidates motivations and platform I fully support Scot Turner.  I have not met Scot personally but am convinced he is what we need in Georgia, Cherokee County, and Canton.

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Michael Nowell December 17, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Who is Jay Saro? I have lived in the area for 12 years and his name is not familiar to me. Has he helped with any of the projects currently on the table in Cherokee? Is he an unknown angel, sent by the powers that be to to judge the quick and the quicker (time is short in this election)? This is certainly not a high school popularity contest, Jay, but your post gives the appearance that you were a member of some clique or other in high school and haven't lost that annoying habit. Based on your prima facie facts, which are few and far between, I suspect you are going to support Scot Turner. I notice you are quick to compliment Scot with running a front-runner type campaign but I don't see anything of his agenda on your post. Not surprising, since you have not met him personally. The one thing you have right is that everyone should get out and vote. This election is coming quickly and I expect that turnout will be poor. Name recognition, some pressing of flesh, a good ad campaign and the tables could turn and one of your pulpit candidates could find themselves nicely surprised.
Jay Saro December 18, 2012 at 01:19 AM
Kenneth A. Mimbs responded to my post saying, "One of the local newspapers has set a deadline of Wednesday for the candidates to submit a 150 word agenda write-up. You can look for mine to focus on Education and Jobs. If I have enough room in the write up, I will lay out a few other concerns." Again Kenneth, voters don't want you to talk about it they want you to be out it! It would seem apparent that Kenneth's campaign is...well what campaign?
Jay Saro December 18, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Thank you for your remarks. Personal attacks aside, I would encourage you to reread the post and you will find Turner's agenda. Also, visit: http://www.turnerforhouse.com/. No other candidate has a clear agenda/platform/message and they have admitted this.
Jay Saro December 18, 2012 at 03:17 AM
A good ad campaign? A good ad campaign won't work! Candidates have to assume folks are paying attention, and in this type campaign they're not. Each campaign needs to know their constituents and likely voters, and it is clear they don't. Turner won about 42% of the vote in November and he has a master file at his disposal. Time is simply on his side! Turner will probably reach out to his master file and get them back to the polls and those who didn't vote for him before, of the likely voters, remember his name and will most likely vote for him. The reason candidates run is because they believe they can do something different or bring something new to the district; this is their message. Their message is formed even before they file and qualify. You don't have to be "an unknown angel, sent by the powers that be to to judge the quick and the quicker..." I have interacted with Scot Turner and am familiar with him during the 2012 General Election season. SImply put, voters aren't motivated to go back to the polls in January. Scot Turner has been running a campaign for over a year and is now in overtime. He is better positioned to influence his base to get back to the polls one more time than are new candidates who have to cultivate a base, and influence voters there is a reason to go back to the polls.


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