Morning Briefing: What Time Is The Runoff Debate?

Here's what's going on in Canton this Tuesday.

1. Weather: The National Weather Service is predicting more sunny skies for Canton today, but the high temperature will only be 43 degrees. Tonight's low temperature will be about 21 degrees.

2. In Case You Missed It: Cherokee Charter Academy will continue to serve its students for at least another five years, as the school's charter was renewed by the State Board of Education last week. The academy also plans to add high school education to its charter.

3. Happening Now: Councilman Bill Bryan says that he wants to respect the wishes of Canton's taxpayers by putting spending decisions before a vote. Read Bryan's thoughts and let us know how you feel in the comments!

4. Looking Ahead: Today is the big debate between State House District 21 candidates Scot Turner and Brian Laurens. The debate begins at 7 p.m. in Holly Springs. Read this article to get all the information you'll need about tonight's debate.

5. On This Date in History: On Jan. 22, 1879, the Anglo-Zulu War (which we talked about two weeks ago) saw its two most famous battles occur within hours of one another. A 20,000 strong Zulu impi (regiment) outmanuvered a British invasion force of roughy 1,700 men at Isandlwana and crushed it utterly with a pincer movement.

Immediately following this battle, some four to five thousand Zulu who had not fought previously came across a British force of just over 150 men defending a mission station at Rorke's Drift, six miles from Isandlwana. For more than ten hours, the British fought off attack after attack, and successfully held off the Zulu assault. The Battle of Rorke's Drift was given much more coverage in the British press than the disaster and Isandlwana, and 11 Victoria Crosses (the British equivalent of the Medal of Honor) were awarded to participants of the battle.


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