Morning Briefing: Early Voting Has Begun

Here are the important things going on in Canton this Monday.

1. Weather: I can think of a few better ways to start of the week than rain, but the National Weather Service is predicting a 100 percent chance of showers for us today. Despite the wetness and the fog (which should burn off by 10 a.m.), the high temperature today will be 64 degrees. Tonight's low will be in the neighborhood of 42.

2. In Case You Missed It: The nearly week long mystery of the identity of the deceased man found behind the Canton Marketplace last Sunday morning has been solved. Read more about the man's identity.

Cherokee County Tea Partiers are in hot water with the state. Learn who the two officials are and what they've done to earn fines from the State of Georgia.

3. Happening Now: Today is the first day of early voting for the Jan. 8, 2013 special election for House District 21 and Senate District 21. It might be a good idea to take care of this now so you won't have to deal with election day hassles come the new year!

The Cherokee County Family Violence Center is looking for volunteers this holiday season. The center is in particular need of a receptionist. If you would like to help out the shelter, click here to learn more.

4. Looking Ahead: Don't put off getting a flu shot! Sure, needles stink, but they stink a lot worse than being laid up for days or weeks praying for the sweet release of death. At 10 a.m., come back to Canton-Sixes Patch and discover where you can get your flu shot!

5. On This Date in History: On Dec. 17, 2010, the "Arab Spring" kicked off with the suicide of Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi. It has been remarkable to watch how many governments have been toppled and how much change has come to the Middle East (for better or worse) in two short years.


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