Boling Park Exercise Equipment Will be Finished Soon

The new equipment is intended to help runners loosen up before a run or get more work in afterwards.

A misunderstanding between the City of Canton's Parks and Recreation Division and the Army Corps of Engineers that has caused a halt to construction of new exercise equipment at Boling Park's running track should be resolved within 60 to 90 days.

The new exercise equipment was budgeted for in 2012, and it was believed that as a replacement project, the Army Corps of Engineers would not need to be consulted on the construction. The Corps owns the parcel of land the new equipment is being built on.

The Corps, however, put a temporary halt to the project while it consulted with the city on the project. All new constructions, even if they are replacing previous structures, must get Corps approval.

A spokesman with the Army Corps of Engineers said that the process should be resolved within 60 to 90 days, after which construction will be able to proceed as normal.

David Cangemi, director of the City's Parks and Recreation Division, is excited about the new equipment despite the procedural delay.

"It's going to be great for runners and joggers to get warmed up before a run or to add an extra workout to the end of a run," he said.

Cangemi added that many cities are adding exercise equipment to their parks' running tracks, and even hopes to expand the project within Canton itself.

"I'd really love to get something like this built at Heritage Park," he said.


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