Carol's Story

The story of a smart child who struggled in school because of boredom and how his charter school has made a difference in his life.

(Yep – names changed)

Carol and her family lived in New Jersey before moving to Georgia.  They had done research to find a school system that as closely as possible matched what they had in NJ and bought the home they did because it allowed him to attend a CCSD school.  Carol has a degree in Early Childhood Education and she understands the importance of a solid foundation so they enrolled her son, Brody, in Goddard for preschool and worked with him at home as well.  He was a smart child and absorbed what he was taught.  By Kindergarten, was reading chapter books like Magic Treehouse.

Brody's public school Kindergarten teacher was somewhat at a loss for how best to take care of this child.  Some of her students had not attended pre-school at all and she had to bring those children up to speed.  She borrowed first grade books for him to read and recommended him for the AIM program but Carol declined because she worried that if he did not pass in Kindergarten, he would have to wait another two years before being tested for the program again. Bored and frustrated, Brody began acting out in class and was punished for his misbehavior.  When he met his first grade teacher at Meet and Greet, Carol  sensed she'd been warned already that Brody was a trouble-maker.  Soon, he had his desk right beside the teacher's – removed from his friends and still bored with the curriculum. 

Carol and Brody were thrilled with the teacher he got for second grade.  This was someone who worked with Brody and tried to keep his mind stimulated.  He tested for and was accepted into AIM that year but one day a week was not enough of a difference for him.  Carol worked with him at home to feed his ravenous mind but "it seemed like the more we worked extra with him, the further the gap became and the more bored he was at school. It seemed like a battle we could never win."  So, in second grade, he was diagnosed with ADHD but Carol felt that the problem was that her son was just bored to distraction.  Third grade was more of the same but that year, Carol heard about charter school trying to get approval from CCSD.

Carol sent Brody to Cherokee Charter Academy for his fourth grade year.  "He felt welcomed, appreciated and CHALLENGED! He had an incredible teacher for fourth grade who gave them as much writing as most GA 5th graders have to do! She went over and beyond the minimum GA standards! That was exactly what our son needed. He needed that extra "oomph".  While at CCSD, he frequently got straight A's with minimal effort. Now, at CCA, he has to work for them! The first time he brought home a report card with B+s on it, he feared getting in trouble because they "weren't good grades like he normally got". I cried as I realized my son was finally being challenged enough that he struggled (just a bit!) in his classes and actually got Bs! I was so proud of him for those Bs!"

Brody has also blossomed socially since he is no longer viewed as "the bad kid."  Carol and her husband attend the monthly PTC (Parent Teacher Co-op) meetings and love that they don't have to pay to attend like they'd had to at his other school.  "We love being actively involved and knowing what it going on all the time. I'm not sure which of us love CCA more, but we could not be happier with our decision to switch our son to being a part of Cherokee Charter Academy."

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Monty Brewster November 05, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Stevie, I hope you meant *now. What a difference a letter makes.
Monty Brewster November 05, 2012 at 10:50 PM
This is great! I've had several teachers share letters with me, from former students, thanking them for challenging them and preparing them for the real world and college. These stories always make people feel really good, and reaffirm the teachers they are doing a great job. But the test scores are what really matter, right? Holding teachers accountable for student test scores? Anyways, great story.
Jim Beam November 05, 2012 at 11:38 PM
indeed. I hope she will chalk it up as a typo - I can't imagine any YES or NO parent would stoop so low as wish negativity upon any child in any school. wow Monty - that's twice today we've basically agreed on something. wonders never cease!
Stevie Nicks November 06, 2012 at 12:45 AM
Sincere apologies for typo...I am truly glad this child is NOW thriving! @ Dan...why are you so filled with such hatred? Can you ever say anything nice? You seem like an angry man who can not debate without getting nasty. Hellhole? Really? In Cherokee county?...I doubt it. Needs not being met...possible, but ignored, not possible. What meetings did the parents have to pay to attend?
BookMom November 14, 2012 at 08:15 PM
This is just one example of why we need charter schools. It is just sad that CCSD thinks a couple hours one day a week is all that is needed to challenge a student and even worse that it took years of wasted time in a CCSD classroom before an alternative was available. How horribly sad! My son is stuck in a CCSD classroom and still says they do nothing in school and he absolutely lives for that one segment per week and can't stop talking about.


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