Review: Mizu

On the menu: fried tofu with Garden Delight, Massaman Curry with shrimp, pork dumplings and won ton soup.

Every neighborhood needs one: a great sushi bar and a place to get some spicy basil and other Thai favorites when the mood strikes. Throw in some hibachi grilled food along with the pyrotechnic entertainment and you have a fun place to eat with friends and family.

 does it all to satisfy your cravings for traditional Japanese fare: sushi (maki and nigiri), soups, appetizers, teriyaki and tempura, Chinese favorites like General Tso Chicken—a dish made with lightly battered chicken chunks and then stir-fried in a sweet and spicy sauce ($9.95), egg rolls, soups, noodles and fried rice dishes. I was very pleased to see more than a handful of purely vegetarian plates on the menu.

One of particular interest to me was the Fried Tofu with Garden Delight ($8.50).  I love the way the tofu was prepared. Crispy-fried on the outside and thick and creamy on the inside. The vegetables were al dente and nicely seasoned. I felt healthy eating it.

But, I had my eyes set on another dish that would probably kick my calorie intake over the goalpost. But, hey, the menu is ever so tempting and in light of my “duty”, I ventured over into Thailand to sample the Massaman Curry with shrimp ($12.50): a dish made with a goodly number of shrimp, cooked in the sweet massaman curry paste, coconut milk, potatoes, avocado and cashew nuts. It’s the aroma and the delicate flavor of the spices that compel me to sample Thai dishes whenever I can. It’s not every day a person makes such curries at home; so enjoying them at a good neighborhood restaurant is nearly compulsory.

Once inside suite No. 116, you will find a long sushi bar with a chef to prepare more than 50 different sushi combinations, Chef’s specials, Maki rolls (both cooked and raw), Nigiri and Sashimi. I love the colorful names, and in subsequent visits I plan to sample the Volcano Lava roll, the 2012 roll and the Drunken Tiger Roll. I am sure they are favorites of many of the locals already.

At the hibachi tables, the dinners range in price from $10.95 for the Vegetable Dinner to the Mizu Special for two (Filet Mignon, chicken, shrimp, scallops and lobster tail) at $49.95.

The Teriyaki dishes on the menu are standard fare, and one Tempura dish, the Soft Shell Crab Tempura ($17.95) stands out as a novelty in these parts. It’s worth a try.

Bring the kiddies and they will eat free for each adult hibachi dinner. There are sushi specials on Monday and Tuesday (except holidays). Mizu will deliver these fine dishes to you within a limited area.

Lunch specials served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the week range in price from $6.25 to 11.95. You may select from the hibachi choices, sushi and sashimi offerings, Teriyaki boxes, chicken and shrimp tempura dishes, and a list of Chinese dishes, a half-dozen Thai plates and four standard Rice and Noodle dishes. The lunch menu is also a great way to economically sample items on the dinner menu. I opted in for the steamed pork dumplings ($4.75) and won ton soup ($1.95) as starters and was slightly disappointed in both as they came off bland and uninteresting, but the Massaman Curry dish was superb in flavor and the portion size was more than adequate.

Service was efficient, attentive and friendly. The servers will make you feel welcome and will do everything to make your visit a good one.

I left happy and willing to return to sample many more of what Mizu has to offer.

Kelly May 25, 2012 at 12:26 PM
This restaurant is a JOKE!!! The food maybe good, but she is running basically an illegal business. Wait staff must turn in ALL AND EVERY TIP!!! So every time we have given our waitress or waiter a tip, that person is being forced to give it to a person who does NOTHING!! And if they don't turn in a tip, whether because they pocketed their legally earned tip or were stiffed from bad service or a cheapskate, they get in trouble. And are threatened to be fired. They are paid a flat rate of $7.50 a hour. I have worked 5 star restaurants making this if not more a hour, but we still were able to keep our tips. My daughter had $45.00 taken from her paycheck this week because she turned in the wrong credit card slip. Guess what, it doesn't matter which slip is turned in. The business still gets their money. Not sure if the customer took the wrong slip or not, but it does NOT matter. They are now being investigated for forcing employees under the age of 18 to serve alcohol. One 17 year old reminded the owner that it was illegal and was wrote up. Stay clear of this place!!!


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