Eatery Sees Downtown's Potential

Canton-Sixes Patch talked with Tim Hausner of the Fork & Tavern about the restaurant's first few months in business.

Last fall, the opened on East Main Street across from the . In the few months that it's been open, Tim Hausner, one of the owners, said it's already been gaining a following.

Patch: How has business being going?

Fork & Tavern: It’s been going well. Most of it has been positive.

Patch: What made you decide to open in downtown Canton?

Fork & Tavern: It’s a growing area, and when we talked to people at the about their plans for the downtown area and how they’re trying to do things, we thought that would be something fun to be part of.

Patch: Have you guys been participating? What do you do?

Fork & Tavern: We’ve sold food outside. We participated in the , which we got second place for.

Patch: Given the current economy, did you have any fears or reservations about opening?

Fork & Tavern: Oh yeah. There are always fears, especially with the way the economy has been. It’s kind of a scary proposition.

Patch: What sets you apart from other restaurants?

Fork & Tavern: We’re a locally-owned neighborhood restaurant/bar with quality food at a decent price, and a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Patch: What do you have on the two floors?

Fork & Tavern: On the first floor we have the main dining area. Upstairs we have dining, a full bar, pool tables, Golden Tee and electronic shuffleboard. We also do live music on Friday nights, trivia on Thursdays and poker on Tuesdays (the first poker night is today).

Patch: Are those pretty well attended?

Fork & Tavern: Yes. It’s building.

Patch: Why did you start holding a fish fry on Friday nights?

Fork & Tavern: Both my business partner and I are from the Midwest outside Chicago, and it seems like in that area a lot of the restaurant/bars did fish fries on Friday nights. We thought we’d give it a try down here.

The Fork & Tavern is open from Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to midnight and Friday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. It is closed on Sunday. For more information, call 678-880-1714 or visit the restaurant's website at http://www.forkandtavern.com/index.html.


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