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Visit the Annual Chrysanthemum Show

Head to Cartersville for an afternoon of beautiful flowers and lunch in an historic setting.

When my son was young, I would drag my husband and him to all sorts of events in which they had zero interest. I saw these outings as educational opportunities, as well as ways to spend time together as a family. But I failed to take into account our different entertainment preferences.

Yes, my son tolerated just so many museums and historical sites before he eventually balked and demanded afternoons of miniature golf or go-kart racing. And my husband sheepishly agreed.

So I ditched the bird watching, flower shows and art exhibits all together. For years, my recreational activities mirrored the interests of Lewis and Taylor. I love them dearly, but they are both highly allergic to anything cultural or potentially enlightening.

My family was happier, but I missed out on activities and events I enjoyed. It’s an easy trap into which many moms fall these days: giving up our own interests for our families.

So if you are in the same rut, rely on this weekly Great Escape column to help you get back out there and pursue some "Me Time!" Each week, I offer ideas large and small—suggestions for getting away for a weekend, an afternoon or an hour.

This week I recommend you don a light sweater and sunglasses and head to the 99th Annual Stilesboro Chrysanthemum Show in Cartersville, scheduled for this Saturday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. The forecast is for a high of 67 degrees with partly cloudy skies, so get out and enjoy this gorgeous autumn weather while visiting the oldest chrysanthemum show in the state.

Many of the varieties presented are grown by members of the Stilesboro Improvement Club. Flowers are displayed in design themes.

The chrysanthemum show will be held at the Stilesboro Academy, built in 1859. The address is 1413 Hwy. 113 South West, Cartersville. Take I-75 to Exit 288. Proceed on GA 113 South for 10 miles, then turn left on Taff Road. Click here for a map.

Schedule your visit so you can enjoy lunch in the Stilesboro Academy Tea Room. Brunswick stew, chicken salad sandwiches and fresh-baked cakes are available.

Cost for the chrysanthemum show is $2 per person. Parking is free.

Call 770-382-7773 for additional information. I hope you enjoy your autumn excursion and the beautiful flowers.


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